Freekstyle consists of 9 overall tracks, some being full blown race tracks, while others are just freestyle parks.


-Monumental Motoplex-A course that twists and turns though the rock structures, caves, and a secret shortcut mine. This is the first racetrack.

-The Crust Belt-Based in an abandoned coal mining/welding factory, this track features jumping over belts full of coal, and speeding through a run down warehouse. There are also two secret jumps, one where you jump over buckets filled with molten steel, and the other in which you have to smash through wooden crates to get on the route to a massive jump and large balcony overhang. This track is the second track.

-Burn It Up-Full of burning/collapsing trees and rocks. The very first jump is the biggest in the course, sending you down a huge hill. There are two secret jumps, one you go off course and follow a gray line that leads you to a rock jump. The other needs full boost to get up on the top of the multiple 'S' shaped turns below. This is the fourth track after completing Feel the Pane.