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This is all about what some may consider the most underrated video game of the early 2000's, Freekstyle. Freekstyle is not your average motorcross videogame. This game is not just about the racing, it's also about the points. Building enough tricks allows you to "Freekout," allowing you to travel at high speeds and to ridiculous arcade style tricks with real and fictional characters.


This wiki tributes to the 2002 videogame, Freekstyle, published by EA Sports BIG. Freekstlye is a Motocross game where you attempt rediculous stunts while racing against many oppenents, level after level of what some may consider EA BIG's finest tracks. From hordes of oversized Garden Gnomes to Rockets to giant Molten Metal Pots, 8 racers from around the globe have come to participate in the honorous attempt at winning the Freekstyle circuit, scoring massive points along the way. Now go out there, hook up your consoles and get freeky!

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