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Mike Metzger doing "The Point"


Mike Metzger (A.K.A. The Godfather of Freestyle) is 1 of 8 characters in the Freekstyle Roster and 1 of 5 male characters to participate in Freekstyle. Mike is 1 of 4 characters playable from the start. His bikes are: Tagged, Bloodshot, Rock of Ages, and Rhino Rage. In Freekstyle, Metzger is depicted as a tatted up, go-big-or-go-home adrenaline junkie who's all about scoring big tricks and "Freekin' out."

Bikes and TricksEdit


Kickboxer; Tweak: Roundhouse

Switch-Blade; Tweak: Close Shave

Rodeo; Tweak: Disco Can

Freekout: Rollercoaster


Kiss of Death; Tweak: Breath Mint

Whack Nac; Tweak: Screw Loose

Dragon-Fly; Tweak: Bug Zapper

Freekout: Superfly

Rock of Ages:

Helicopter; Tweak: Aerial Assault

Heart-Breaker; Tweak: Rebound

Wing-Man; Tweak: Nose-Dive

Freekout: Under-Acheiver

Rhino Rage:

Executioner; Tweak: Pardon

Goofy Foot; Tweak: Toe Jam

Tsunami; Tweak: Tidal Wave

Freekout: Stunt-Man

Those're all 16 special moves of Mike Metzger. Last but not least, his primary special trick, The Show-Stopper. Which can be tweaked into a Curtain Call.