"Mad" Mike Jones is 1 of 8 playable characters that take on opponents in Freekstyle. As of personality, Mike is depicted as a "Are we gonna do this or not?" type, and asks who chooses to play as him, "What are you lookin' at?" Even though he acts as a high roller with something at stake, he still thrives as an adrenaline junkie just like Metzger. The names of the bikes are: Lucky 7, Beater, Lil' Demon, and Flushed.

Bikes and tricksEdit

Lucky 7:

Helicopter; Tweak: Aerial Assault

Coronary; Tweak: Flatliner

Lazy Boy; Tweak: Slacker

Freekout: Alley-Oop


Kiss of Death; Tweak: Breath Mint

Crack Nac; Tweak: Spackle

Wing-Man; Tweak: Nose-Dive

Freekout: Logger

Lil' Demon:

Stumpy; Tweak: Reverse Stumpy

Kiss of Doom; Tweak: Garlic Breath

Praying Mantis; Tweak: Exterminator

Freekout: Vortex


Kickboxer; Tweak: Roundhouse

Executioner; Tweak: Pardon

Goofy Foot; Tweak: Toe Jam

Freekout: Mind Blower

As usual, last but not least, his primary special move is the Mud Flap. Which can then be tweaked into a Big Rig.